SINTESY - Monitoring and alarm systems for life science

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Real-time Monitoring and Alarm systems for Life Sciences

SINTESY provides real-time monitoring, data recording and alarm systems used in Biobanks, Cryobanks, Laboratories, Research Centers and Medical Gas Pipeline Systems.
SINTESY.eagle is a fully scalable solution and Medical Device certified according to the Europen Directive 93/42/EEC. In addition the system offers the CFR21-11 features related to electronic records and electronic signatures and it can satisfy the GMP validations.

The monitoring system sends alarm messages in case of deviation of the variables under control respect to predefined values. Medical and/or technical operators are alerted with SMS, phone calls or emails.

Working parameters such as temperatures, levels, pressures, gas concentration and all dry contacts or 4/20mA signals are controlled in real time and stored inside a database for successive analysis, showing those data with graphs/trends or exporting data to standard spreadsheet using XLS or CSV formats.

The safety of operators inside the working places is a priority. In those areas many gases are used: nitrogen, carbon dioxide, propane, etc. A complete range of gas detectors are available and they can be supervised by the system. Sensors can activate the forced ventilation, or close shut off valves and inform operators through visual and acoustic indicators.

Using advance technologies, the SINTESY controllers can connect to different networks based on RS485, LAN/ethernet or WiFi depending by the needs of the facility.

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