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Automation system for cryobanks



Cryopreservation of cells and tissues represents the future of medicine for the study of diseases and therapies.

The control of conservation conditions is the key point for a successful cryopreservation: SINTESY gives you the solution.
In accordance with national and international standards, SINTESY developed an innovative and state-of-the-art system for the control of plants of cryoconservation, where automation and supervision of processes and variables merge in reliable solutions to avoid any danger of damage for samples, even for long term storage.

SINTESY designed a modular system able to guarantee the automatic management of a cryobank (cooling, filling and degassing procedures for example) and the generation of visual and acoustic alarms, both locally and remotely; in this way, operators are always aware about possible dangerous situations that may occur in the cryobank. Preset users receive phone calls, SMS and/or emails in case of alarm thanks to S140, the GSM dialer for the dispatch of alarms.

SINTESY works to guarantee:

  • the safety of operators using ambient sensors (CO2/O2), ventilation system, access control
  • the safety of biological samples by controlling temperature and the liquid nitrogen level inside the cryogenic freezers and other physical parameters
  • the safety of data collected, stored in the server's database.

These fundamental entities make the SINTESY.eagle® system a perfect and flexible solution for cryobanks:

RTU (Remote Telemetry Unit) connected to physical transducers transducers for managing digital or analog signals. These RTU are usually the S100, S110, S130, S140, S180, S210

S310.cryoLink an universal cryogenic freezer interface. Many existing freezers are present inside a cryobank and it's never easy to connect all of them in a unique supervisory system.

SINTESY has designed a special controller and today the following cryogenic vessel can be managed (*):

  • AIR LIQUIDE with Modbus protocol,
  • AIR LIQUIDE equipped with 4-20 UNIT, no protocol
  • BAGLIONI with Modbus protocol
  • CBS equipped with 2301, no protocol
  • CHART-MVE HEco equipped with TEC3000 controller, property protocol
  • CHART-MVE Vario equipped with Vario™ Pro controller, property protocol
  • CHART-MVE equipped with TEC2000 (legacy system), property protocol
  • CRYO DIFFUSION equipped with the S170, eagleNet protocol
  • CRYO SOLUTION equipped with CryoFill, no protocol
  • CRYOTHERM Biosafe equipped with Control ß, Modbus protocol
  • TAYLOR WHARTON with the M505CE+M512CE, property protocol

The S300.smartPLC (Programmable Logic Controller), for automation and control. It represents the unique product on the market which is able to fully control different cryogenic freezers, belonging to different brands, without mechanically or electrically modifying them. In this way, their Medical Device certification and the warranty are preserved.

The SINTESY.eagle.cryo software, installed on the industrial PC or server which is connected to the PLC and to the intranet/internet. The software manages a data base (DBMS), performs the web server functionality, allows the user to analyze data, alarms and events.

(*) Important legal notice: copyrights and trademarks used as examples in this website belong totheir respective owners.


Systems can meet the more stringent requirements of the applicable
directives (cfr. Directive 2006/86 Annex I, C.2, D.6, D.7, Annex II, D.1) and guidelines (JACIE, GMP) used for biological laboratories and IVF laboratories (In Vitro Fertilisation).

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