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Medical gas alarm systems



The alarm monitoring solution for Medical Gas Pipeline Systems (MGPS)
The SINTESY.eagle.gas solution completely fulfills the requirements of the EN 7396-1 standard regarding alarms management in medical gas systems. Both hardware and software components are Medical Device certified, in class IIb according to 93/42/EEC european directive.

The control and supervision of medical gas pipeline systems (MGPS) might represent an hard task to complete.
The task becomes even harder if it is requested to monitor several hospitals or buildings, with many equipments and systems, and a large number of physical quantities to measure.
The solution is a SCADA system (Supervision Control And Data Acquisition) that gathers information toward a single control room, where all of the variables and alarms of the plant are displayed. If available, the LAN/WAN interconnection can be used.

SINTESY offers a turnkey solution, Medical Device certified, based on:

RTU modules, properly connected with transducers and sensors. The detection of pressures, levels, temperatures, flow rates, and alarm contacts and any other analog/digital signal can be implemented by the wide set of medical devices of the SINTESY.eagleŽ family. These RTU are usually the S100, S110, S120, S130, S140, S190, the supervision terminal that displays the status of the plant and possible alarms. It manages the SINTESY telephone dialer for the dispatching of alarms call/SMS/e-mails and sends data to the industrial PC through the LAN network.

SINTESY.eagle.gas, running on an industrial PC/SERVER, the software allows to store data and events in the database, to analyze data by means of tables, trends and reports and to easily identify the different geographic areas: cities, hospitals, buildings and floors are virtually represented on the screen and simply accessible by a mouse click.

Example with four different hospitals in a large region

Once the desired hospital has been selected, a portion of the plant can be selected...

..and the behaviour of Level and Pressure of the Oxygen tank can be evaluated

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