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Monitoring system for laboratoris (wired)



Manipulation and preservation of cells and tissues represents the future of medicine for the study of diseases and therapies.

Electrical refrigerators, ultra freezers, microbiological incubators, programmable rate freezers, hoods, oxygen sensors, gas cylinders, blood banks refrigerators and any other equipment installed in any laboratory: SINTESY offers the possibility to supervise all of them, both locally and from remote sites, thanks to modular and high-tech solutions. In case parameters under control are out of range, predefined users will receive phone calls, SMS and emails thanks to S140, the GSM dialer for the dispatch of alarms.

Two different architectures has been developed that fits the needs of any laboratory: wireless and wired.

SINTESY.eagle.lab is the wired solution with a structure similar to the system used for cryobanks (SINTESY.eagle.cryo).

SINTESY works to guarantee:

  • the safety of operators using ambient sensors (CO2/O2)
  • the safety of biological samples by controlling temperatures, relative humidity, pressures, and other physical parameters
  • the safety of data collected, stored in the server's database.

These fundamental entities make the SINTESY.eagleŽ system a perfect and flexible solution for laboratories:

RTU (Remote Telemetry Unit) connected to physical transducers for managing digital or analog signals. These RTU are usually the S100, S110, S130, S140, S180, S210

S210.smartSensor V5x a data logger with multiple probes for reading the temperature and level of small aluminum dewars and for electrical freezers.

S310.labLink an universal CO2 incubator interface. Many incubators are present inside a laboratory and connect all of them, in a unique supervisory system, sometimes isn't easy.
SINTESY has designed a special controller and today the following equipments can be managed (*):

  • K-System G185
  • Eppendorf, Galaxy 48R
  • Thermo, Heracell 150
  • other incubators can be implemented on request

The / S200.smartOxygen. It is connected to all RTUs and shows on a 5.7" LCD all data sampled. In addition it has un interface towards the software SINTESY.eagle.lab.

The SINTESY.eagle.lab software, installed on the industrial PC or server. The user-friendy interface allows to easily manage alarm conditions, to analyze events and data, to fully monitor the status of your laboratory in real-time, to manage the access of personnel into the restricted areas.

(*) Important legal notice: copyrights and trademarks used as examples in this website belong totheir respective owners.


Systems can meet the more stringent requirements of the applicable
directives (cfr. Directive 2006/86 Annex I, C.2, D.6, D.7, Annex II, D.1) and guidelines (JACIE, GMP) used for biological laboratories and IVF laboratories (In Vitro Fertilisation).

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