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Indication panel. Red light to indicate alarms, yellow light to warn about a possible danger, green light for normal and safe condition. Acoustic indicator that can be disabled by means of a button or a key, as option.


Watchdog button that allows the system to monitor the active presence of an operator in the cryobank (dead man function). Equipped with a gray push button and a green visual indicator with a buzzer, activated in the event that the user doesn’t push the button within a programmable time


Push button for line cooling. If pressed for 5 seconds, it activates the cooling and filling processes of the line; if pressed for 10 seconds, it stops them. Equipped with a yellow light to indicate the cooling/degassing phases (blinking light) and the filling phase (light on)


Emergency push-button. When pressed by the user, safety measures are taken: the S140 dialer sends alarm messages, forced ventilation is activated, liquid nitrogen is no more supplied, ...


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