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Is is a device ideal for gas detection applications, supervision of plants, laboratories, biobanks and cryobanks which permits a very easy installation using standard CAT5/FTP LAN cables.

S212 has 8 RJ45 input ports where it is possible to connect up to 8 RTU of the SINTESY.eagle family (S210.smartSensor, S310.cryoLink, S140, S100, S110, etc.) and 8 RJ45 output ports used for the acoustic and visual indication of alarms.

Output ports can easily connected to S185 modules or to common tower lights with 24VDC led/beeper.

For the S210/S310 family, SINTESY can supply, as option, a RJ45 connector which guarantees an easy and safe installation using standard CAT5/FTP cables.

This innovative configuration allows a direct connection of the power supply of the S210/S310 to the S212 module and also the connection to the RS485 communication bus. This makes easy the cabling reducing considerably possible errors.


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