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All electronic devices from SINTESY guarantee an high level of reliability and accuracy but it is important to control during their life time that the initial validation of the device remains valid. For this reason SINTESY offers a number of additional services to enable our customer to obtain a complete monitoring solution that satisfies the needs of the laboratory.

Depending by regulations of each country, there are specific recommendation regarding the calibration period of all monitoring sensors used in medical environment. They should be calibrated at least every 12 months to ensure accurate readings. For some gas detectors the calibration period could be 6 months.
SINTESY has adopted the ISO9001:2008 and ISO13485:2012 quality managemt systems and can produce all documentation that prove the accuracy of each instrument after the calibration. SINTESY uses reference instrumentation certified according to ISO17025 quality standards coming from notified laboratories.

Remote assistance
Our qualified engineers can connect by internet to the system installed in order to check the status of all the sensors and data loggers. This possibility can also be useful for our customers in case they need some help.
A periodic report can be created, every 3 or 6 months, in order to prove the good readings of the sensors and their communication with the PC/Server that collects data.

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