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Telemetry with GSM network



Sometimes, common communication systems such as the LAN network and the RS485 protocol don’t represent the suitable answer to the need of monitoring medical or industrial equipments.
Cryogenic tanks, medical gas distribution systems, cylinder packs, environmental control system, and so on, might be installed in an unreachable areas.

The SINTESY telemetry service is the solution that offers a supervision system based on the GSM/GPRS network, just like your mobile phone. With a tablet it's easy to connect to the cloud and check the trends.

It is composed by:

S140, a low cost RTU module of the SINTESY.eagle® family. This medical device is able to implement a great number of functions: it is able to measure the quantities of interest of the monitored equipments: pressure, level, temperature, alarm contacts...
The module is equipped with a common SIM card which allows the dispatching of phone calls, SMS and/or e-mails in the event that an alarm condition is detected, so that operators are promptly warned about the possible dangerous situation. The S140 works as an efficient data logger: its internal memory is able to store more than 10000 data and up to 1000 events, including power failures, alarm detections and activities of the GSM module. Through the GSM/GPRS network, all the recordings are periodically sent to the server and consultable using a common browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer

SINTESY.eagle.telemetry is the medical device software developed by SINTESY for the storage and management of data collected by the S140 modules installed in different plants. Using a common web-browser (running on smartphones, tablets or PC), operators can easily access all information, create charts and tables, export data in Excel format. In case of alarm, the S140 module dispatches alarm messages to pre-set users and sends recorded data and events to the server: then, thanks to SINTESY.eagle.telemetry, users can promptly and fully analyze the status of the plant from a remote site or just sitting at their office.

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