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Established in 1997, SINTESY is specialized in design and production of electronic devices and software systems. Over the years, the Company has become an important reference point and partner for Customers who look for state-of-the-art, competitive and turnkey solutions in different markets: industrial control, security, telecommunications, motion control and, above all, medical devices.

In particular, the SINTESY.eagle® family represents a wide and innovative set of hardware and software products completely designed and developed by the qualified team of engineers of the Company for the control of alarms in medical gas systems, cryobanks and biological laboratories.
This DCS system (Distributed Control System) consists of various electronic RTU devices and a powerful and modular SCADA software (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition). SINTESY is able to supply professional, scalable and customized systems which represent solid solutions for:

The automation of cryobanks, working with cryogenic freezers of different brands with their own controllers.

The supervision of laboratories equipped with the most used equipments for cryopreservation and processing of human blood, cells, tissues and organ products. Different SINTESY devices control electrical freezers (-80°C/-20°C/+4°C), CO2 incubators, hoods, ... Two different architectures are available: wired and wireless.

The traceability of biological samples from collection to transplantation passing through storage and manipulation processes, including the inventory of samples.

The telemetry system
that allows the remote control of equipments and plants using the GPRS / GSM network. Typical examples are the bulk tanks, cylinder packs, central gas system. But also IVF centers, where temperature/level of small cryogenic vessel must be monitored ...

The medical gas alarm system, including the reading of pressures, levels, temperatures and alarms of typical gases used in Hospitals such as oxygen, nitrogen, medical air, … The system complies with the standard EN7396-1 and EN60601-1-8.

The gas detection system for confined spaces and dangerous working places, based on long life NDIR sensor used for oxygen, carbon dioxide, propane, methane, nitrogen, ...

From the drawing of required specification (User Requirement Specifications) to the installation (Site Acceptance Test), the SINTESY team will help you finding and creating the best solution for your needs in terms of reliability, safety and costs.


A many years experience guarantees highest standard for reliable innovative solutions for automation and supervision of cryobanks, biobanks, laboratories and medical gas alarm systems.

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