SINTESY S180 – S182


SINTESY S180 - S182 S180 RFID Access Control. Used as standalone device or connected to the SINTESY.eagle® supervisory system; able to manage up to 4 RFID S182 readers. Possibility to controls 4 different gates with entrance detection only, or 2 gates with entrance / exit detection; 4 programmable relay [...]

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SINTESY S2000 The eagle.S2000 module represents the perfect solution to manage and remotely control laboratory environments and equipments: cryogenic areas and gas cylinders, small and big cryocontainers (reading temperature and level), refrigerators and freezers, microbiological incubators (O, CO, Hr), programmable rate freezers and many other equipments with 4/20mA outputs and [...]


SINTESY S310.smartLink


SINTESY S310.smartLink Nowadays laboratories are composed by many incubators, mostly of different brands and models, bought by the laboratory organization during the time. A very important necessity in the monitoring systems is to have the possibility to read important parameters such as: Temperature Relative Humidity CO2 concentration Oxygen [...]

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SINTESY S310.cryoLink


SINTESY S310.cryoLink Nowadays cryobanks are composed by many cryogenic freezers, mostly of different brands and models, bought by the laboratory organization during the time. A very important necessity in the cryobank automation systems is to have the possibility to change the position of each cryogenic freezer without change the software [...]

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SINTESY S300.smartPLC Today, modern hospitals and biological laboratories, use special cryogenic freezers to preserve biological samples to very low temperatures (-196°C) using the liquid nitrogen properties. Most of times, operators use manual procedures or using semi-automatic functions; these procedures concern the filling procedure, the recording of storage temperatures, the management [...]

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SINTESY S212.crossMatrix


SINTESY S212.crossMatrix Is is a device ideal for gas detection applications, supervision of plants, laboratories, biobanks and cryobanks which permits a very easy installation using standard CAT5/FTP LAN cables. S212 has 8 RJ45 input ports where it is possible to connect up to 8 RTU of the SINTESY.eagle family (S210.smartSensor, [...]

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SINTESY S210.smartSensor V5x


SINTESY S210.smartSensor V5x Nowadays laboratories are composed by many mechanical and cryogenic freezers, mostly of different brands and models, bought by the organization during the time. S210.smartSensor, considering its versions V5x, is a temperature sensor designed to monitor equipments without an electronic control unit. Two RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) [...]

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SINTESY S210.smartSensor


SINTESY S210.smartSensor The S210.smartSensor is an innovative Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Propane, Temperature and Relative Humidity sensor with a 4,3" colored LCD and touch screen technology available in a small and elegant enclosure. Typically used in medical environment (such as cryobanks, biological laboratories, hospitals, research centers) where dangerous gases, [...]

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SINTESY S200.smartOxygen


SINTESY S200.smartOxygen Used to show the values detected by gas sensors installed inside rooms with potentially dangerous situation.application (see S210.smartSensor), displaying of the oxygen percentage in biobanks / cryobanks, scientific laboratories or other rooms with danger of anoxia. Alarms are displayed in chronologic order and consist of configurable text [...]

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SINTESY S200.smart


SINTESY S200.smart Supervision terminal. Used in supervision systems to show the status of RTU installed (S100, S110, S120, S140, S170, S210, S310, …). Typical application: hospital where a control room detects and manages all alarms coming from central supply system and different departments or buildings. Alarms are displayed in chronologic [...]

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