Gas Detectors (O2, CO2, Etc.)

smartSensor is the easiest, most intuitive, elegant and compact gas, humidity and temperature sensor on the market


The detector for gas, temperature, relative humidity and differential pressure measurement. Easy and immediate status check, thanks to the large color LCD with visual and acoustic warning.

All events are shown on the display and saved in the internal data logger and can be exported in CSV format to the optional internal SD card

SmartSensor uses the ADA (Automatic Drift Adjustment) algorithm for the drift rate correction of the sensitive element (O2)

Maximum safety for the operators thanks to the optical / acoustic indicator that displays the state of alarm with different colors of the display

SINTESY  smartSensor is not only aesthetically beautiful and incredibly immediate in communicating with the staff, it can also be equipped with one or more combinations of sensors for measuring oxygen, carbon dioxide, propane, methane, flammable gases, temperature and humidity

S210.smartSensor DETAILS

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To effectively control the risks associated with working in a confined space, a Confined Space Hazard Assessment and Control Program should be implemented for your workplace. Before putting together this program, make sure to review the specific regulations that apply to your workplace.

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