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Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) Level Control System – designed to monitor and control the liquid nitrogen level of a cryogenic vessel and to read its temperature using state of the art electronic technologies. The device is composed by two different units: the base module and the terminal operator module. The module is connected to the power supply and to the I/O components (LN2 valve, probes, LID switch ) and determines the operations of the vessel. A terminal operator is used to display data about temperatures, level and alarms.

Main functions: detection of liquid nitrogen level; detection of temperatures (sampled on two different points); displaying of temperatures, level and alarms on LCD display with back light; automatic filling procedure (based on low level / high temperature); manual filling procedure; alarms detection and control; LID status (with defog, fast freeze, time-out lid alarm); hot gas by pass function (option).

Remotization of all the device functions with RS485 serial protocol; compatible with the other devices of SINTESY.eagle® family; user-friendly keypad to simplify operations; up to 4000 data recorded at programmable intervals; up to 400 event recorded; connection to Real Monitor Software to get the data stored.

Other versions:

S170-10, without serial port
S170-20, to manage legacy AIR LIQUIDE vessels with 4-20 UNIT interface


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