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SINTESY S180 – S182


RFID Access Control. Used as standalone device or connected to the SINTESY.eagle® supervisory system; able to manage up to 4 RFID S182 readers. Possibility to controls 4 different gates with entrance detection only, or 2 gates with entrance / exit detection; 4 programmable relay outputs with 4 N.C. and N.O. contact; 4 programmable digital inputs; RS485 communication port; USB port for programming, using a PC. Power supply: 24V~; LCD display with backlight; programming keyboard and high efficiency LEDs; acoustic and visual indicators; DIN rail (9 modules).

S182 e S184

RF reader at 125kHz. It can be installed into wall mounted box with 503 standard format with 3 different plastic enclosures complying with plates produced by BTicino, Vimar e Gewiss. Other special enclosure options are available.Badge cards.

S184 Badge card with unique code using the RFID technology.


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