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SINTESY S210.smartSensor V5x

Nowadays laboratories are composed by many mechanical and cryogenic freezers, mostly of different brands and models, bought by the organization during the time.

S210.smartSensor, considering its versions V5x, is a temperature sensor designed to monitor equipments without an electronic control unit. Two RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) PT1000 probes are typically used to control the cryogenic freezer: one to indicate the internal temperature of the cryogenic freezer just below the lid, the other one to indicate the level of liquid nitrogen contained inside the cryogenic freezer. detected values can be shown on the LCD display of S210.smartSensor, endowed with touch screen technology.

By the touch screen, it is also possible to easily set all the parameters of the device and manage each operation completely. on the alarm or pre-alarm (warning) thresholds set by the installer, this device can activate visual and acoustic indicators so that operators are always promptly informed about possible danger situations.

The monitored alarms are programmable as HIGH PRIORITY or MEDIUM PRIORITY way. As high priority, it is meant that an alarm signal must be IMMEDIATELY served by the operators because biological samples are in danger. As medium priority, it is meant an alarm signal that must be PROMPTLY served in order to prevent any dangerous situation for the same biological samples .


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