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SINTESY S210.smartSensor

The S210.smartSensor is an innovative Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Propane, Temperature and Relative Humidity sensor with a 4,3″ colored LCD and touch screen technology available in a small and elegant enclosure.

Typically used in medical environment (such as cryobanks, biological laboratories, hospitals, research centers) where dangerous gases, such as Nitrogen or Carbon Dioxide can cause anoxia to the operators or where Propane and Methane cause explosion.

It also detects temperature and humidity of rooms where biological samples are treated. Also used in greenhouse automation systems, it tracks and controls garden CO2 level and detects even temperature and humidity.

A new version of S210.smartSensor with a power supply of 230V~ is now available to simplify the installation procedures. See the version V1xx in the Product Catalog.


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