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Today, modern hospitals and biological laboratories, use special cryogenic freezers to preserve biological samples to very low temperatures (-196°C) using the liquid nitrogen properties. Most of times, operators use manual procedures or using semi-automatic functions; these procedures concern the filling procedure, the recording of storage temperatures, the management of alarm conditions and so on…

The SINTESY S300.smartPLC is a device specifically designed to fully control the automation of a cryobank. All the processes are managed by a dedicated software (SINTESY.eagle) which is able to perform all the operations, such as:

Degassing of the insulated pipe line, by controlling up to 4 different trunk lines, with 4 inlet solenoid valves, 4 outlet solenoid valves and 4 PT100 probes to detect the right filling temperature. Many cryo-vessels can be connected to each trunk line.
Managing the filling sequence of the cryo-vessels by using the standard OFAF (One Fill All Fill) algorithm or the new proprietary AGF® (Automated Group Filling) developed by SINTESY.
Controlling the external LN2 TANK by reading the pressure and the level. Information are used by the gas supplier company to program the following filling, to determine the consumption, to manage alarm conditions.
Managing of each single cryo-vessel (filling, temperatures, level, alarms, time-out, maintenance, …).
Controlling the cryogenic freezers. Each freezer can belong to different manufacturers: CRYO DIFFUSION , AIR LIQUIDE, CHART-MVE, TAYLOR WHARTON, CBS, CRYOTHERM
Dispatching alarms to the operators and maintenance personnel, by sending voice calls, SMS messages and email on the GSM network (S140).


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