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SINTESY S310.cryoLink

Nowadays cryobanks are composed by many cryogenic freezers, mostly of different brands and models, bought by the laboratory organization during the time.
A very important necessity in the cryobank automation systems is to have the possibility to change the position of each cryogenic freezer without change the software or many other important settings of the main PLC dedicated to the automation process.
The obstacle to this operation is the usage of different communication protocols that each cryogenic freezer uses: modbus protocols, proprietary protocols, different cabling with two or four wires, different communication speeds such as 9600 or 38400 baud, etc. These differences make very difficult the operation to swap cryogenic vessels and their substitution with a newer ones or simply move them elsewhere.
Moreover in new cryobank projects, where the cryogenic freezers are not yet defined, it is very useful to have a “jolly converter” for adapting the new incoming cryo vessels to install. The S300.cryoLink solves these problems because it performs a protocol conversion among the standard used by the S300.smartPLC and each single cryogenic freezer. It is installed on the wall, very close to the vessel and connected to it. The S300.cryoLink has a colored 4.3″ LCD display that shows the temperature, level and alarms detected by the electronic controller of the cryogenic freezer.


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