Traceability of biological samples

Traces all stages of processing of the biological sample: collection from the donor, handling under controlled conditions, storage, and possible re-implantation

SINTESY.eagle.trace is the cloud solution for the traceability of biological samples in biomedical and research centers, cryobanks, laboratories and all contexts where the traceability of events and products is required or recommended.
The software offers a powerful tool for traceability at all stages of processing of biological samples: from the collection of the sample from a donor, to the storage and manipulation in controlled conditions, until the possible transplantation to a patient.
SINTESY.eagle.trace can be integrated with other software from the SINTESY.eagle® family used for monitoring sample storage temperatures in order to associate these storage conditions with the serial number of the sample.

Users can analyze the details of each collected sample and easily place it inside a cryogenic freezer

Temperatures and possible alarms detected for a specific biological sample during the selected period

Discover the main features of SINTESY.eagle.trace:

SINTESY eagle.trace is developed in accordance with:
Directives 2006/86/EEC
JACIE, Joint Accreditation Committee-ISCT&EBMT
GAMP 5, Good Automated Manufacturing Practice
CFR-21, Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 Part 11